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Tips to help your child get the best sleep every single night

How Kaley Medina went from sleep-deprived momma to Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach.

HOUSTON — If you think your baby / toddler / young child could benefit from sleep training, visit Certified pediatric sleep coach Kaley Medina at Live Love Sleep

Receive a complimentary 15-minute sleep training discovery call to find out how Kaley can help you and your family get the rest you deserve. You can chat about your child's specific sleep struggles and see how a personalized sleep training plan can change your lives.

To learn more about Kaley Medina, click here.

You can also follow her on Instagram @baby.sleep.help or give her a like on Facebook @livelovesleep.


As Toddler & Baby Sleep Coaches trained through the Live Love Sleep® program, we have worked with hundreds of families over the years. Our goal as your Baby Sleep Trainers is to help your little one obtain the tools needed for sleep, which will provide a foundation for their milestones that they are yet to go through. Our proven methods and extensive follow up support are the key drivers of our success. 

Whether you have a newborn, a baby, or you are dealing with the terrible twos, we can help you and your little one get the rest you need using gentle sleep training methods! With a variety of options from virtual sleep consultations to full night in home consultations, we will discuss which package best fits your family's needs on our Discovery Call."

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