ROCKPORT, Texas -- It's not hard to find a high school football team practicing in Texas. But what amazed us was to find one here.

When Harvey came ashore the first time as a Category 4 hurricane, Rockport, Texas, took the brunt of it.

"It looked literally like a bomb went off in this town," said player Johnny Soto.

Like the rest of his teammates, the senior safety returned on Sunday to a house full of useless garbage.

"Heartbreaking. Some of them don't have street clothes. It's the clothes that they've got on their back," said coach J.D. Medrano.

Which is why Medrano was as surprised as anyone when, even though school is closed indefinitely, the kids just started showing up for practice this week.

"I honestly believe that this is home to them. This is what they know. It's the only thing close to being grounded," he said.

So now they run plays like it still matters, still kick at the goal posts Harvey tore down in victory -- all in an effort to recover, together from the greatest loss of their lives.

"Just to get through all of this because we can't do it alone," said Luke Michael.

"I mean, we're all we got," Johnny said.

"Going to carry each other and not going to let this bring us down," said Angelo Trevino.

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