After almost record breaking heat the past several days we will see a significant change that will last for a long time.

Today (Thursday) will be the last day that you won't need your coat. Starting tomorrow and continuing through next week, cold air will only get colder.

Eeeeekkkk... so really... winter is coming. Brace yourself!

Don't forget the jacket tomorrow and you want to really be prepared for next week. Temps in 30's are in the forecast.

When the cold front does push through the line of storms connected to it will be strong to even severe. Hail, damaging winds, and heavy rain, 1 to 2 inches widespread. Rainfall could fall so fast it could create minor street flooding.


Even though temperatures are mild this morning 24 hours from now that will not be the cast. Friday will be nasty. Cold, rainy, windy with clouds not breaking.


So in the next 7 days you can clearly see there is a lot of change. From mild and muggy to cold and dry and all that is in-between. Keep up with the forecast this week/weekend so you'll be prepared.