HOUSTON – More than six months since Hurricane Harvey, dozens of businesses are still feeling the effects, including popular Mexican seafood restaurant in downtown Houston that closed because of it.

But not for long, they’re planning to re-open their doors, coming back stronger than ever.

In the midst, among the chaos, in the heart of the city, is La Fisheria.

"When you come into La Fisheria, it's like you going into another country on a holiday,” Mirna Cox, founder and co-owner said..

But instead of a getaway, for the last six months, this popular downtown Mexican seafood restaurant has been temporarily closed by Hurricane Harvey.

"This is where we had the water, where you see the line, that's about 4 feet,” Anas Mousa, co-owner, said.

From the floors to the walls, and even the equipment, floodwaters destroyed everything inside.

"I could not believe it, no one could believe it,” said Mousa.

"It was very hard for us, especially in the time the city need us more, because we wanted to give back to the city, but we couldn't at the time,” said Cox.

Instead, they were forced to start over, throwing way hundreds of pounds of seafood.

"I was crying for a couple of days because it's a lot of work like I say, and I never thought we'd come back,” said Cox.

But thanks to support from their customers and community, and a lot of hard work, piece by piece, this place is coming back stronger than ever.

"Houston is strong, and we're here to show that everything can be fixed no matter how bad, and difficult you see,” said Cox.

La Fisheria will be opening at the end of this month.

The owners say they’re excited to serve their customers some of the best ceviche’s and margaritas in town yet again.