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3 St. Louis women hit 3 holes-in-one on a golf trip

Three women, three shots and three-lifetime memories.

ST. LOUIS — A group of St. Louis women recently took a golf trip to Las Vegas and returned with three once-in-a-lifetime memories. 

Carol Cullinaire, 84, has been golfing for a long time. 

"I got my first set of clubs in 1960," Cullinaire said. 

Susan Degrandele, 59, also golfs but is not that wild about skills. 

"I am not that great," Degrandele said. 

Jackie Berez, 43, strikes the golf ball well. 

The three of them were a part of a group of 34 women from St. Louis who flew to Las Vegas last month on a golf trip. It's a trip that's been going on for the past 30 years.

"And they said they only had one person get a hole-in-one prior to that, all those years," Degrandele said. 

That drought ended on the first day, when Carol drained one from 85-yards away with a six-iron. 

"I just felt very lucky, I have been working on it for a long time," Carol said. "At the casino, I bought everyone a drink and we said, 'This is so much fun, we should do it again'."

And the next day, Susan hit a hole-in-one from 99-yards with a six-iron. 

"Oh it was unbelievable, I didn't believe it, I thought it went past it and not really in there. But one of the other ladies who was closer and said it was, it went in. Wow, I couldn't believe it, we all started screaming," Susan said. 

Then, the next day, it was time for Jackie. 

"The funny thing is at breakfast Suzie said we have to keep the streak going, it is your turn," Jackie said. 

Susan was right, Jackie used a wedge from 87-yards away for her ace. 

"I hit a really good shot and I said, 'That might hit the flagstick,' but you couldn't quite see the hole," Jackie said. "So, we drove around and my first reaction was 'I can't believe that rolled off the green,' because we couldn't see the ball." 

"One of my friends said, 'It's going to be in the hole,' and I said, 'No, it's not,' and I walked up, looked in and screamed," she said. 

"One of my friends, Kathleen West, came up and jumped up and I picked her up. She is my little buddy and I was holding her in the air and we were both screaming and it was so much fun," Jackie said. 

And of course, after your hole-in-one, you have to buy drinks for the party. 

Their respective bills:

"$112 before my tip," Carol said. 

"It was $80," Susan said. 

"With tip, it was a little under $150," Jackie said. 

Three women, three shots and three lifetime memories.

"I think anybody that gets a hole-in-one it's a super special event. Having it happen when it did with a bunch of really cool women all together, enjoying something we love outside, I think it made it so much more special," Jackie said.

"It was fun getting a hole-in-one but it was even more fun celebrating the other girls and their hole-in-ones. It's kinda something you'll never forget," she said. 

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