The Rockets' and Clippers' frustrations with each other continue to boil over two days after their in-game fight and Houston's attempted postgame locker-room entry. Suspensions were handed down Wednesday with only two players -- both Rockets -- being punished. Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green were both suspended two games. Chris Paul and James Harden, who both entered the Clippers locker room, and Blake Griffin were all unpunished.

According to ESPN, the Rockets are unhappy that Clippers forward Griffin, and guard Austin Rivers, went unpunished for their roles in the altercations. If Griffin were to have been suspended, it would have to do with the contact he made with Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni, which he claims was intentional, and the altercation that proceeded afterward.

Rivers. on the other hand, has had a more unknown role in all of this. His name has come up as being someone Ariza and the Rockets wanted to confront, but the reasons why were unknown aside from trash talk. According to ESPN, Rivers' trash talk went beyond the court and is what sent Ariza into a rage.

The Rockets are upset that Griffin and Rivers weren't disciplined for their roles in the events that led to Ariza's anger escalating to the point that he stormed into the Clippers' locker room to confront them.


According to Rockets sources, Rivers continued the profane trash talk after the game, yelling loudly enough in the Clippers' locker room for Ariza to hear him from the hallway, where players commonly congregate and visiting teams frequently put food and equipment. Sources said those insults, including calling Ariza out by name, caused Ariza's anger to mount.

One source said the Rockets anticipated a one-game suspension for Ariza, based on league precedent, but were surprised that Green's punishment exceeded a fine.

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