PEARLAND, Texas - Football is back! But baseball isn't over yet.

Both the Houston Texans and the Houston Astros play Thursday night. If you had to choose to watch one game and one game only, which would it be?

University of Houston professor Billy Hawkins teaches sports sociology. He says, in the eyes of most fans, the Astros will take top bill, because they won the World Series in 2017.

"I think it’s setting a certain standard of excellence, expectations around winning for the city," Hawkins said. "I think there’s this expectation for them to win and be successful."

Hawkins, though, would choose to watch the Texans. He says there's a lot of excitement surrounding the team.

"That’s a tough choice. I’m a little bit of an Astros fan," said Dorothy Colp-Serrano. "But I’m curious about what’s going on with the Texans."

Colp-Serrano works at Space Montrose. The store specializes in Houston-themed artwork and decor- like prayer candles for pro athletes like Carlos Correa and J.J. Watt.

The store is currently sold out of Watt candles. Colp-Serrano has carefully broken the news to those who've asked about the candles.

At Killen's Burgers in Pearland, you have to pass a wall signed by Watt in order to reach the counter. Watt, who used to live in Pearland, is partial to the local burger joint, and as a result, staff are partial to Watt. They're watching the Texans tonight.

And when KHOU 11 News reporter Melissa Correa asked, "We're kind of lucky, this city, to have so many options, (right)?" Jerry Killen responded, "Yes, ma'am. We sure are."