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Girl power x 3: Houston-area grandma, 65, joins daughter, granddaughter in powerlifting competition

Starting anything new at an older age is impressive, but for Kay Stinnett, let's just say she has not one but two role models.

DAYTON, Texas — Getting up there in years, Kay Stinnett decided turning 65 wasn’t going to pull her life down.

“Turning 65 is like a real transition time,” Stinnett said. “You know, you're like assessing a lot of things. I'm probably about two-thirds of the way through, and ‘How do I want to be?’ I want to be strong."

That’s why this grandmother tightens her belt and puts her muscles where her mouth is by powerlifting.

“My best thing is my deadlift, and I'm at to 231 pounds,” she said.

Stinnett is not lifting that much right now because she's saving her strength for her first-ever competition.

Since picking up the sport at the beginning of the year, her progress has been steady.

Her dedication? Unwavering. Which is important to trainer Jehremy McGregor who owns RealGainz Gym in Dayton, Texas.

"It's pretty much the only thing that matters in my opinion, he said. if you're not consistent, you don't get better."

Starting anything new at an older age is impressive, but for Stinnett, let's just say she has not one but two role models.

Stinnett's daughter, Samantha Harrod, also turned to powerlifting.

"Squat is 347, 347 pounds," Harrod said. 

She began a few years ago.

"And deadlift is 386."

Mom tagged along to her training sessions and now, Harrod will cheer Stinnett on at her first event, which Harrod also entered.

"I'm probably going to cry," Harrod said. "Probably so. I've cried watching her watching Kylie."

 Kiley? Kiley Turner is another powerlifter who is tiny but mighty. 

She’s Harrod's 16-year-old daughter and Stinnett's granddaughter.

"It's cool because I saw my mom doing it first. And then I started doing it. And then now my grandma’s on the train," said Turner.

Add them up and you have three different generations all heading to the same competition. They'll compete at Saturday’s Buddy Capps Houston Open held at Houston's George R. Brown Convention Center

“Now to be a part of that is pretty fun,” said Stinnett.

“It’s pretty awesome. It gives me a lot of feelings,” said Harrod.

Stinnett said she's not worried about her challengers -- for good reason. When asked how many other people will be competing with her. 

“Zero. Score! I’m going to win!” she said. 

Though she hopes her story will inspire others to start lifting.

“Wouldn't it be cool if this stirs up interest and more women my age realize that this is this is good for you?”

An official from the Buddy Capps event wouldn't confirm if Stinnett's the only one in her age group. 

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