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Yes, watering your home's foundation could save you thousands in repairs

KHOU 11 meteorologist Kim Castro said homes are vulnerable to the sun, so it's important to keep your home hydrated during drought conditions.

HOUSTON — Can watering your foundation save you from costly repairs? That's the question one KHOU 11 viewer asked us to VERIFY.


Viewer Lindsey Blackmon from League City sent us this question:

"We recently moved to Texas and I have heard several people say you need to water your foundation in the summer so it doesn't shift. Is this based on facts or is it fiction?"



This is true.


Meteorologist Kim Castro says our homes are vulnerable to the sun - so it is very important to keep your house hydrated during drought conditions to prevent foundation problems.

Local companies agree. AAA Foundation Services said a home's foundation can sink due to a lack of moisture in the soil and clay. Eric Ortiz with Leveled Concrete said foundation repair can cost homeowners up to $70,000.

To avoid the hefty costs, he suggests getting a soaker hose.

"This was $29 at Home Depot," Ortiz said. "It's not like a regular water hose, so you're going to look for the term soaker hose."

This type of hose uses about half the amount of water a normal hose would use and has a slower water flow, which allows your home's foundation to better absorb the water.

So we can VERIFY that watering the foundation around your home could save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

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