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Service workers rally at Texas Capitol, protesting the lift of the mask mandate

The Texas Service Industry Coalition organized a rally at the Texas Capitol for Monday, March 8.

AUSTIN, Texas — Workers in the service industry across the State of Texas rallied at the Texas Capitol on Monday to protest the mask mandate being lifted, saying their lives are being put at risk to work without vaccinations. 

Texas Service Industry Coalition – a group aimed at uniting restaurant workers across the state to fight for better working conditions – led the Monday rally. 

Earlier this week on their Instagram page, they posted this image:

Credit: Texas Service Industry Coalition

The group is asking that at least 70% of essential workers need to be vaccinated before the State opens 100%

"We're watching people die, you don't give them healthcare you don't give them a living wage. You don't care, we are completely expendable to you," said Crystal Maher, organizer and local restaurant worker. "This is a big labor coalition. This isn't just restaurant workers, teachers, bus drivers. The people that run this city," 

The rally is Monday, March 8, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Texas Capitol. 


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