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Why does it seem like Americans are obsessed with the British Royal family?

While Britons have mixed feelings on the monarchy, many Americans embrace the pageantry

HOUSTON — Why does it seem like Americans are obsessed with the British royal family?

Between our willingness to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch Royal weddings to the streaming success of “The Crown” it sure seems like Americans can’t get enough of the Queen Elizabeth II and her offspring.

Meanwhile in Britain, the monarchy does not enjoy the same level of popularity, especially among young people.  In a poll last year, 41 percent of Britons between the ages of 18 and 24 wanted to do away with the largely ceremonial role.

Considering we fought a war to escape the royal reigns, it may seem odd that the British monarchy holds such a special place in some Americans’ hearts. But as one professor of psychological studies told CNN, it is that distance that helps our hearts grow fonder.

Americans view the Royal family as celebrities, not as a pseudo head of state. The distance allows us to view the family’s drama as a soap opera.

And then there are our actual ties to the British Royal family. Meghan Markle is not the first American to marry a prominent member. American divorcee Wallis Simpson sparked an abdication in 1936 when she married the heir to the throne.

So many American heiresses married British aristocracy during the early 20th century they got their own name -- the dollar princesses -- and inspired another American favorite -- Downton Abbey.

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