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VERIFY: Is Jimmy Dean's real voice used in new commercials?

A new series of Jimmy Dean commercials use clips that sound like deceased founder and namesake, Jimmy Dean.

A new series of Jimmy Dean advertisements have used clips that sound like deceased founder and namesake of the food company that sells sausages, breakfast sandwiches and other breakfast items.

One Verify viewer reached out to see if the real Jimmy Dean was featured in the ads.


Saundra Smith asked, ”Is that really Jimmy Dean's voice on the commercials, or did they find a voice over actor who sounds like him? Did they actually find enough of him in the archives to create an entire new ad campaign?”


Yes, that is Jimmy Dean’s voice. In fact, the audio comes from much older Jimmy Dean commercials.


Jimmy Dean uploaded both the new commercials and the older commercials they're based on to its YouTube channel.

If you listen to the commercials back-to-back, you can hear some of the same audio in both.

First, the new one:

Now the old one:

You can find several other examples like this on its YouTube.

The Jimmy Dean YouTube channel doesn't have examples of every piece of audio used in the new commercials, but the voice and quality definitely matches the older commercials that are available.

So not only is that the late Jimmy Dean you’re hearing, it’s the late Jimmy Dean advertising sausages then just as he is now.


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