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Americans spent almost $40 billion shopping while drunk in the past year

The amount of people who are shopping under the influence has dropped, but the amount each person spends has gone way up.
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Everyone's made a questionable decision while under the influence. Maybe you've texted an ex you shouldn't have or fallen asleep before brushing your teeth or taking off your makeup. It turns out that alcohol can also be costing you money. And no, it's not because drinks are expensive. 

A study by finder.com found that Americans spent a whopping $39.4 billion in the past year shopping while drunk. That number is a sharp rise from the year before, where Americans spent $30.43 billion. Although the amount spent drunk shopping has risen, fewer people reported shopping while drunk. While 46 percent of Americans reported shopping while drunk last year, only 26 percent did this year. This means Americans are spending more money each time they're drunk shopping. 

Unsurprisingly, food topped the list of what people were buying under the influence. 57.65 percent of Americans reported buying some late night snacks after drinking. Shoes and clothing (43.22 percent) and cigarettes (30.26 percent) also topped the list. 

But some people aren't just spending their money on late night fries or a slice of pizza. Somehow, 10,81 percent of people managed to buy a car while they were drunk. 14.54 percent of those surveyed booked an entire vacation. Who knows what odd items were purchased by the 4.72 percent of people that responded "other." 

Men are more likely to shop under the influence than women, with 56 percent of men saying they'd purchased something while drunk compared to 44 percent of women. 

Millennials spent more than double the amount of money than Gen Xers or baby boomers on drunk purchases in the past year. However, millennial consumed the least amount of alcohol. Of the generations, Gen xers consumed the most alcohol. 

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