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Mother wants answers after 13-year-old son with autism was recorded using the bathroom by students

"I’m his mom, I need to know what they’ve been sending around of my child," Karen Ivy said.

PORTER, Texas — A New Caney ISD middle schooler with autism was allegedly recorded by other students while he was going to the bathroom last week.

Then, the video was shared among the kids.

The boy’s mother is understandably upset and said she hasn’t been allowed to see the video and is worried her son is still getting bullied.

“He wants to be friendly, he wants to have friends at school," Karen Ivy said about her 13-year-old son. "He wants to fit in”

Ivy said her heart breaks every morning she sends her son off to school.

“Sometimes he understands when they’re bullying him, but he doesn’t understand the depth of some of these kids’ intentions because of his disability," she said. "My kid is not able to protect himself because he’s not a normal 13-year-old.”

Among other disabilities, her son has autism.

Last week, the mom got a call from her son’s school.

It was the vice principal telling Ivy about an incident that happened in the Woodridge Forest Middle School boy’s bathroom.

"Some kid reported to them that they saw a video that’s been going around of my son that was recorded of him using the restroom," Ivy said.

KHOU 11 is withholding the name of Ivy's son.

The mom says her son is a good kid and he wasn’t looking for trouble last Wednesday. He was just trying to use the bathroom.

"My son is complaining that he’s hearing kids talking about it at lunch," she said.

Ivy said she wants to see this video of her child that so many others have watched. She believes it is her right as a mother.

“I want to see this video," she said. “I feel like if all the other students had access to this, I’m his mom, I need to know what they’ve been sending around of my child.”

But she says the school wouldn’t show it to her.

“I’ve called the principal’s office three days straight," Ivy said. "They keep sending me to voicemail."

The New Caney Independent School District sent us this statement which reads in part:

“An incident like what you described in your email is being investigated by Woodridge Forest Middle School administration and school district police. Discipline has been administered in that case according to the district’s student code of conduct. Campus administration has also communicated with all parents involved. The district cannot comment further as the incident remains an active investigation.”

Ivy says she wants more to be done.

“We’re still waiting for the school district to get in touch with us and tell us, as parents, this is what happened, this is what we’re going to do to protect your child, this is what we have done," she said. "We’re still waiting on that.”

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