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'Way worse than Harvey': New Caney residents' homes destroyed by Imelda

Homeowners on Pecan Drive saw 8 to 9 feet of water in their homes for second time in 2 years.

NEW CANEY, Texas — The people on Pecan Drive in New Caney know the pain floodwaters can bring and the destruction they leave behind.

"We didn't have long to get out," said Tammy Hall. "The water came up higher than I ever seen it come up before."

When Tropical Storm Imelda was done, Pecan Drive was under 8 to 9 feet of water, and dozens of families had to pick up the pieces all over again.

"It's emotional," Hall said. "I'm in an emotional stage right now, looking at all my stuff laying out here. Everything I got is out here on the street."

Imelda hit harder than Hurricane Harvey. Hall's newly renovated home had water up to the roof.

"You don't get used to losing your stuff," Hall said. "My pictures are on the ground."

Across the street, Rhonda Sanders hadn't even been able to move back in after Harvey. The trailer she and her seven kids lived in tipped over and was destroyed by the flood.

"It's still everything we own," Sanders said. "We still have to start all over again. My kids are without everything. It's just hard."

It's not easy, but Pecan Drive refuses to be swept away.

"I'm going to rebuild," Hall said. "It's all I can do really."