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UFOs in Houston

Houston is known as, "Space City", thanks to NASA and now Space X. Both organizations have major presence here and many real life astronauts call this home. So are recent sightings of UFOs a hoax, or is there more to it?

<p>Classicaly-depicted UFO, features "saucer-like" features. Officially, these do not exist.</p>

Houston is known as, "Space City", thanks to NASA. Many real astronauts call it home. Perhaps it's only natural that we'd also be an epicenter for UFO reports. Or, is there something more going on?

Each year the KHOU 11 weather team gets several viewer reports of strange lights. UFO enthusiasts might suggest that the concentration of strange lights in the sky here are the direct result of the presence of our expansive space industry. Maybe aliens know Houston makes the best breakfast tacos in the solar system.

Accomplished NASA professionals like astronaut Gordon Cooper (died 2004) and Dr. Edgar Mitchell (died 2016) claimed UFO's were *not* imagined. They submitted to TV interviews testifying to their experiences and beliefs on the subject. Both fully understood the taboo and stigma associated with such viewpoints -- knowing their professional legacy was on the line.

Skeptics will say the lights are explainable: we have two major airports and several busy secondary air strips, resulting in scores of planes flying in our skies at any one time. They'll point out that when jets are on, "final approach", their landing lights are illuminated and can look like bright orbs, apparently floating in the sky for minutes, relative to the observer.

Then there's the recent sightings: Just last week there was a report filed that an entire maritime crew on a supply ship saw a large 'alien' craft over the Gulf of Mexico, as emerging from underwater about 80 miles off New Orleans. Without dripping even a drop of water as it broke the surface, it then zipped off into space, accelerating at unimaginable rate.

Let us know if you see anything

-Brooks Garner
Meteorologist Brooks Garner

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