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Video shows drivers caught got off guard by big hole covered by water

One car had to be pulled from the hole by a tow truck after getting stuck.

HOUSTON — New surveillance video from a doorbell camera shows drivers getting quite the surprise Monday morning when they hit a large hole in the roadway near a water main break in Inwood Forest.

The video shows drivers, including a big rig, hitting a hole that is concealed by water. While traffic cones were set out to mark the hazard, they were washed aside by the water.

It happened at Victory Drive and Leaning Oak Drive in northwest Houston.

One driver told KHOU 11 News that he had not realized there was a hole in the road until he opened his car door.

“Man, I can’t even explain it, it happened so quick,” the driver said. “It really shocked me when I went down.”

A tow truck had to help him pull his car out of the hole.

Rozanne Romero owns a home in front of the hazard and said she reported it on Aug. 25 when she spotted a crack in the road and a water leak. A pothole eventually developed from there.

She said the city came out a few days ago to put some cones marking the hole in the roadway.

Romero said the hazard has been a significant problem for drivers and she has even seen trailers detach from vehicles.

"I hope that the city is responsible, paying for the damages to these people's vehicles because they shouldn't have happened," Romero said. "They should have closed in the street and should work much faster than they did."

Romero said that her house shakes every time a truck or tanker drives by and hits the hole in the road.  

"And so when the house has shaken multiple times, the walls have cracked across," she said. "And so that's going to bother the foundation of the property."

On Monday, crews from Houston Public Works were at the location starting to repair the leaking pipe.

According to Public Works, the first report of the leak came in on Aug. 25 and a work order for repairs followed the next day. However, the agency said it prioritizes repairs based on the size and loss of water threat to emergency facilities, schools and large areas.

They said they think Victory Drive should be open again Monday night. Public Works said best way to report issues like this is by dialing 311.

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