PEARLAND — People in Pearland are adding more complaints to the 3,000 already filed against Blue Ridge Landfill. This time, they’re sending their complaints to KHOU 11.

The Republic Services operated landfill has a state-approved plan to stop the foul odor issue. People living across the street say the plan isn’t working fast enough.

“If anything, it’s gotten worse,” said Anthony Boyle. “It’s worse this year than last year.”

Boyle decided not to join the class action lawsuit with many of his neighbors. The second lawsuit filed against Blue Ridge is championed by the city of Pearland.

“It stinks,” said Boyle. “No pun intended.”

The landfill's public relation agency says that, “as a good neighbor and responsible landfill operator, the Blue Ridge Landfill team shares the community’s frustration about odor. We take every concern about the Landfill seriously. That’s why we have taken significant steps to control potential odor from Blue Ridge.”

The statement points of the company’s more than $7 million infrastructure upgrades and sophisticated odor control systems installed since 2016. They’ve also been implementing the agreed plan reached with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to enhance site monitoring, odor data transparency and community reporting. The plan was ordered in July.

More homes are being built across the street - a mistake Boyle wishes he'd avoided two years ago.

“I don’t want to point any fingers but obviously we didn’t do our due diligence,” said Boyle.

A local councilman says the trash site is in a grace period. He says, if they comply with state requirements, Blue Ridge Landfill will continue to operate.