HOUSTON- A man was taken off a United flight headed to Houston after making racist remarks towards passengers on Saturday.

According to United Airlines, the incident happened on Flight 1118 as passengers were boarding and a man asked a couple if they had a bomb in their bag.

The flight was from Chicago (ORD) to Houston (IAH),

A passenger on the flight, recorded the aftermath of the incident on her phone.

She boarded the plane with her boyfriend. The man in the video and a young woman were already seated in the row ahead of them.

According to the passenger, a Pakistani man and woman dressed in their traditional cultural attire were placing their bags in the overhead bin located two rows ahead of them when the man in the video asked a question.

She said he asked them, "That's not a bomb in your bag, is it?" The couple didn't hear the comment at first, so he repeated the question.

The remark caused a woman sitting next to him to leave her seat and speak with a flight attendant. Other passengers also told flight attendants they were uncomfortable by the remarks.

She said she along with her boyfriend approached the flight attendants as well.

"The person ahead us turned around and asked where my boyfriend was from; my boyfriend said it's none of your business," she said. "At that point he said all illegals and all foreigners and need to leave the country."

She said her boyfriend is of Indian descent.

Flight attendants eventually told the man that he had to get off the plane.

The passenger who recorded the video said passengers on the plane were cheering as he and the young woman were escorted off the flight.