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Making Super Bowl Monday an official holiday | Connect the Dots

Why there is new hope the popular idea could become a reality.

HOUSTON — The push to make the Monday after the Super Bowl an official holiday is nothing new, but the idea is getting some new life. 

Let’s connect the dots.

Millions skip work 

It's not really a mystery why a lot of people think Super Bowl Monday should be a holiday. In 2020, Kronos estimated over 17 million people missed work the day after the big game. That adds up to about $4 billion in lost productivity for companies.

In a poll from Draft Kings, nearly half of sports fans said they were willing to sacrifice another holiday to get that Monday off.

Online petitions, Texas bill 

But when it comes to making that holiday a reality it’s been slow going for years. Online petitions calling for Super Bowl Monday to be made into a national holiday have been around for about as long as there have been online petitions. 

However, the process to create a national holiday is often difficult and can take many years.

A Texas lawmaker has proposed a bill to make the day a state holiday, but it still hasn’t been sent to committee for consideration.

NFL season changes Presidents Day

The NFL could actually have a solution to this problem. The league wants to expand the regular season, adding a 17th game. There is no official word on how that will affect the post-season, but there are reports the league is playing with scheduling the Super Bowl on Presidents Day weekend. 

That would mean for a lot of workers, Super Bowl Monday would become a holiday with or without another online petition.

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