Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is warning residents in our area to be vigilant after three packages left on door steps in Austin exploded and killed two people.

"If you receive something in the mail that you don't understand that you weren't expecting, make sure that you do a visual inspection without handling the package, look at the markings, check with your family members to see if they've ordered anything on the internet and if you're not sure, call 911 so we can check it out," Chief Acevedo said.

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He used to head up the Austin Police Department and says he's been watching the situation closely.

"Here in Houston, what could happen there could happen here. It's a moment we can all learn from... be suspicious of things you don't expect in the mail," Acevedo said.

The Chief urges anyone who sees something in Houston to call 911. Several other law enforcement agencies in our area have issued similar warnings.