HOUSTON - Pull out your stretch pants and sweatshirts. We are going to feast on Thanksgiving.

Consumer Reports says the average American will consume between 3,000 and 4,000 calories on Thursday.

It's one thing to eat all those calories, but it's a whole different thing to burn them off.

So if you throw your diet to the wind, to burn 4,000 calories, you'd have to power walk a 15-minute mile around Discovery Green 122 times. If you stay on pace, that's an 18-hour power walk.

Let's say you don't eat that much. We took the calories associated with one standard Thanksgiving plate (no going back for seconds!) with standard serving sizes. That plate totals 1,800 calories.

To help you understand how much exercise goes in to burning all those calories consumed, we're using a 160-pound person and MyFitnessPal to help us with the calculations.

You can hit up the Buffalo Bayou Trail where a 54-minute bike ride will burn off one serving of stuffing.

A 25-minute jog along Galveston Beach will cancel out the mashed potatoes. That's if you can keep the pace of a 12-minute mile.

Or channel your inner James Harden and "step back" on the basketball court for a solid 55 minutes. Shooting hoops will cover a piece of cornbread.

Never doubt the power of a good mall walk. A 56-minute brisk stroll through Katy Mills Mall will burn off the turkey and the gravy.

The only thing sweeter than a sliver of pumpkin pie is 34 minutes around an ice-skating rink. That will cancel out the calories.