The colors we know inspired by the teams we like from a brand it says you can trust -- to be original.

"They speak to a fan who wants something different than what the typical sporting goods store offers."

Those are the words of Travis Drake, the creative force behind Houston's popular Running Game Clothing Company, which makes stuff for both men and women.

Hustle. Crush City. Bayou City.

Drake recently showed KHOU 11 News' Jason Bristol some of Running Game's collection at Wicklow Heights cocktail bar. Running Game earns major points for that old school feel with each new design. Its a something even players like Astros reliever Ken Giles digs about 'em.

Drake says its a huge thrill to see the athletes on television wearing Running Game shirts.

Running Game also partners with former Texan center Chris Myers for a 'Trench Life' series, with proceeds going to charity. Drake also designed a 'H-Town Strong' shirt for hurricane relief efforts, as well.

The clothing company also introduced a new 'Earned' shirt, honoring the world champion Astros.

A graphic designer by day, Drake hopes to stretch Running Game's fabric by expanding to other cities.

But Running Game will always be about Houston. Because here, its kind of style will always be in fashion.