Want to hear that classic song "Go Go Astros' everyday on your phone?

Singer-songwriter Mack Hayes is offering Astros fans a free ringtone right before the playoffs start.

Hayes, who was profiled on KHOU 11 News in June, says fans may simply email him for a ringtone through his website.

He was best-known for coming up with Oilers songs, like "Luv Ya Blue," before composing his Astros tune in 1979. Like Nolan (Ryan), (Joe) Niekro and (Bob) Knepper, Mack believed it remained in the Astros' rotation through the 1980s.

Hayes said he hadn't performed 'Go Go Astros' in a few years, before agreeing to play it for us at Sundance Grill II, where he still performs today.

The response from small group gathered at the bar?

It proves 'Go Go Astros' is still a huge hit.

"People remember (the song)," he said. "It's amazing to me." Mack receives emails about the song through his website.

Would it be easy to write a song about this year's Astros team?

"Oh yeah, they're just so hot," said Mack. "That's kind of way the Oilers thing came about in the beginning; the Oilers were just so hot at that time."