Okay, I've gotten the holiday, weatherman cheesiness out of my system using that title, so let's talk weather. It'll be a much different pattern through next week, than we've experienced over last few months. The story of our forecast is one of spring-like warmth. We'll see temperatures running about 10°-15° warmer than the normal of 66°. That means we'll regularly enjoy highs in the 70s, and may see the first 80s in nearly three months. Yes, we're slowly emerging from the usually cold winter, where snow was officially recorded five times at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport. Soon we'll be running that air conditioner more than the heat. Backyard St. Augustine grass laying dormant for now, will finally green up once we see overnight lows regularly at or above 65°, but we'll continue to be interrupted by lows in the 40s and 50s through late-April which could slow the greening process. So, if you like Houston's subtropical climate things are looking up. If you wished for weather more like Minneapolis, you can hold hope that we've dipped into the 20s as late as March 20th. (Back in 1923, it got down to 24°!) Bottom-line? It's still too early to safely plant your gardens, but if you've got winter rye grass planted you'll soon have to mow! Don't forget the sunscreen. Gotta love that. -Brooks Garner