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Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour: How Houston can win the popular mute challenge

In short, when Beyoncé performs "Energy" and sings, "Look around, everybody on mute," the entire crowd needs to hush it.

HOUSTON — Hey Houston! We've got just a little more than a week until our Queen Bey -- Beyoncé that is -- graces us with her presence at NRG Stadium for her Renaissance World Tour.

The Houston native has already performed in more than 30 cities, and based on videos posted to social media, this is more than a show. True fans know you get an experience when attending a Beyoncé concert!

Highlights thus far include her oldest daughter Blue Ivy giving us FIERCE, center-stage choreography and fans SLAYING their chrome "Renaissance" looks. But what has stood out the most has been the viral "mute challenge."

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For those attending any one of the Houston shows, it's imperative you know what this means and how to respond because it's only right that H-Town does it the best.

What is the 'mute challenge?'

The "mute challenge" was created from Beyoncé's hit song "Energy," which is on her Renaissance album. 

One of the lyrics in the song goes, "Look around, everybody on mute." 

When Beyoncé recites this line during the show, concertgoers are expected to go silent. Beyoncé should hear a pin drop. 

There have been a few cities that completely missed the mark -- we're looking at you Vancouver, London and Tampa.

But other cities, like Los Angeles and Atlanta, clearly know how to follow instructions.

Though the tour is not over, Beyoncé has prematurely given the winning title to Atlanta -- but that's because she hasn't landed in her hometown yet.

So Houston, let's not disappoint. The rules have been laid out and are simple. 

Hush it and shut it and we shall succeed!

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