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Remembering civil rights warrior, Houston icon Beatrice Lehman Green who died at the age of 108

Former Secretary of State James Baker gave her eulogy, saying the first closed door she encountered after moving to Texas was at the very church where they now sat.

HOUSTON — Funeral services were held Friday for Mrs. Beatrice Lehman Green who died recently at the age of 108      

"Bea" was a civil rights warrior who also had the ear of former Secretary of State James Baker. She bade farewell to the world at Trinity Lutheran Church near downtown. 

Baker gave her eulogy. He said the first closed door she encountered after moving to Texas was at the very church where they now sat. 

"1939 was a time of strict segregation and she could not enter thru the front door. Instead she was told she could pray out in the back," Baker said.

He said it was fitting the same church now held her service.  

Bea went on to help found the first Lutheran church for Blacks in Texas, Holy Cross Lutheran in the 3rd Ward.

She later took part in the lunch counter sit-ins to end segregation and then demonstrated in Austin for voting rights.

Her energy was remarkable. At 106, she was still showing off her line dancing moves. 

 That same year, Bea shared her life philosophy with a relative.

“Let nothing keep you down. Like knock a person down? Get back up. I'm gonna get up and get better.”

Baker called her a “social justice warrior”, but knew her first as his nanny. 

“She treated me and my sister like we were her very own," he said.

They kept in touch through the years and he was able to introduce Bea to President Barack Obama in 2018. That was a highlight for her.

“She was old-time democrat and I was a republican. We refused to take part in the squabbling that too often defines political discourse today," Baker said.

She left behind a large family including 3 great, great, great grandchildren.

Her faith in God and trials on earth have been rewarded. Of God, Bea had said, “He's testing you. Lord, I accept your test.”

Now she goes to accept her final reward.