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JJ Watt's Harvey fundraising efforts help non-profit rebuild homes

The long-term disaster recovery non-profit organization received $8.5 million dollars from the Houston Texan's fundraising efforts after Harvey.

Houston — The eight organizations that benefited from JJ Watt’s fundraising have been hard at work fulfilling the mission to recover and rebuild.

For example, a year after Harvey people driving by a home on Langley Road would never know the damage it suffered during the historic storm.

Small signs on the lawn signal the work being done inside by SBP volunteers.

Ben Gold with SBP said the organization serves low to moderate income homeowners.

“We’ll have our director of construction come out, assess the home, figure out what needs to be done in order to rebuild the house to get it back to a state that is livable,” Gold said.

Volunteers are working to bring this home back to life with the help of JJ Watt.

The long-term disaster recovery non-profit organization received $8.5 million dollars from the Houston Texan’s fundraising efforts after Harvey.

Gold said $3.5 million will go directly to rebuilding 100 homes this year.

He said so far 56 homes have been finished.

Gold said, “JJ’s money really helped us get up off the ground and start the rebuilding process. These first hundred homes are extremely important to us here in Houston.”

The remaining amount will be granted out to other local and national organizations that will tasked with rebuilding another 100 homes.

“It’s really important,” Gold said. “I fell in love with SBP’s mission to shrink the time between disaster and recovery, I think it’s really unique that SBP as an organization will not leave this community until every single homeowner that we can help has returned home.”

In addition, BakerRipley received money from JJ Watt.

A $2 million donation will go directly toward helping families recovering from Harvey get help with furniture, appliances, temporary housing, and transportation or medical assistance.