You've probably seen the commercial for Flex Tape. It’s a strong tape that promises patch, bond, seal and repair virtually anything.

The infomercial goes through a handful of demonstrations. We replicated three of the tests to see if we get the same results.

The first one is the bucket test. We drilled a hole in a blue bucket and used the smaller roll of 4-inch wide tape to patch it. The tape was thick and a little gooey to handle but plugged the hole in no time.

Our next test is strength test. We stopped in at Achievement Personal Training in Kingwood. This time we’re trying the 8-inch wide roll of Flex Tape. Just like the commercial, we attached the tape to a 45-pound weight plate, and trainer Stephen Porterfield started lifting.

The tape never let go.

“This stuff is pretty thick,” Porterfield said. “Very strong. I didn’t feel it slipping or tearing. I didn’t feel the adhesive coming off at all.”

Our final test was underwater. We bought a clear, plastic tank and drilled a hole in it. Once the tank was full of water, we used a piece of tape to plug the hole from the inside. This test worked, too.

Flex Tape comes in three sizes and prices starts at $13. We found it online at Amazon and at CVS.

The company says the tape is a temporary fix until you find a permanent one.

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