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Halliburton laying off more employees at Texas and Oklahoma campuses

Global gas and oil market struggling due to plummeting consumer demand.

HOUSTON — Editor's Note: Above video was published March 18.

Halliburton is laying off more employees in Texas and Oklahoma as the company adjusts to negative changes in the global gas and oil market.

They're also reducing the salaries of Halliburton Executive Committee members. 

In a statement released Monday, Halliburton said:

"Halliburton is making reductions in Oklahoma and locations in Texas as we adjust our workforce to reduced customer activity. This was a difficult decision, but is a necessary action as we work to successfully adapt to challenging market conditions." 

Halliburton wouldn't comment on how many workers would be let go at each location.

In March, the company furloughed 3,500 Houston employees at its North Belt campus.

The furlough, which will began March 23, will last up to 60 days, according to Senior Director Emily Mir.

Employees will work every other week and will not be paid or allowed to perform any work on behalf of the company on their week off.

Halliburton is one of the world's largest oil field service companies. 

With the viral coronavirus outbreak spreading to more countries, the price of oil has dropped precipitously as global demand weakens even further.

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