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This Texas county says it will arrest those who test positive for COVID-19 and don't self-quarantine

The announcement comes after seeing a few people who tested positive at grocery stores and businesses.

TEXAS, USA — Brooks County is adopting a tough posture in dealing with those who test positive for the virus, but refuse to self-quarantine. Brooks County attorney David Garcia said anyone found to be doing that could be arrested.  

Garcia said the announcement comes after community members notified his office of seeing a few people who tested positive at grocery stores and businesses.

"If you're going to go out and endanger other people, and we find out about it, we will prosecute you," Garcia said. "People have not really embraced the dangers of COVID-19. It's dangerous. It's killing people, and it's making people very sick. So either do it because you're concerned about others or do it because you're going to be punished if you don't."

Garcia said if people continue to ignore the safety precautions, they could face legal action.

"There's a number of statutes out there that can be used so once you test positive, stay home," Garcia said. 

While many residents support the idea of the announcement, some show concern. Roxie Fuller is a resident in Falfurrias. She hopes the announcement will have an impact on the community, but she fears it won't be as effective as it seems.

"I don't see how something like that can be enforced," Fuller said. "I don't know that they can."

Garcia and Fuller both agreeing it's up to everyone to follow the safety guidelines for the good of their neighbors.

"This is the only way we can prevent this disease is on an individual basis," Garcia said. "We need to be responsible for our actions, and if we're not going to be responsible for our actions because we're trying to protect other people, well there's a punishment for it, too."

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