This flu season isn’t slowing down.

According to the most recent CDC report, the flu is still widespread across the country.

However, the stories of otherwise healthy people dying from the virus are really shocking and frightening.

“About 2/3 of the people who are hospitalized have some other condition when they get the flu, but 1/3 don’t and are perfectly healthy,” said Catherine Troisi, UTHealth School of Public Health. “With kids, its about 50% have some other condition, usually asthma, neurological disease, or obesity.”

She explained this season has been so brutal, because the H3N2 strain circulating tends to cause more severe illness.

According to the most recent CDC report for the last week of January, ten percent of all deaths in the country were related to the flu.

The number was even higher in Texas, with 14 percent of the deaths during that period being flu-related.

There have also been a total of five pediatric deaths in Texas this season.

Experts still recommend getting the flu vaccine to reduce the chances of hospitalization or death due to the virus.