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Katy ISD mom removed from meeting after raising COVID policy concerns

The mother of three doesn't regret speaking out but says disrupting a meeting is not appropriate.

KATY, Texas — You never know what you might hear during a school board meeting these days with hot topics on the minds of many parents and others.

“I will protest you at your house, I will protest you at your church, I will catch you at your favorite restaurant,” said one speaker during Monday night's Katy ISD board of trustees meeting.

Bonnie Anderson, a separate speaker and a mother of three, spoke about different quarantine policies for vaccinated versus unvaccinated students.

"If you’ve convinced yourselves that this is any different from segregation policies prior to 1954, you’re kidding yourselves,” said Anderson.

Superintendent Ken Gregorski attempted to address public comments, but Anderson and others kept interrupting.

"If you would please let me finish," said Gregorski.  "We’re not going to have any outbursts from the crowd.”

Officers finally stepped in after the board president spoke up.

"We need to get order in the room," he said. "Can we have her removed please?" 

"Can you please stop?”

Anderson was escorted out of the meeting room followed by a number of others.

KHOU 11 News asked her if she had any qualms about speaking up at meetings.

"I don’t,” said Anderson. "I'm not always diplomatic."

Anderson said she doesn’t regret what she did, however, she admitted it’s not necessarily appropriate.

"I believe in being as honest as possible and sometimes it’s really, it can be kind of ruthless and kind of harsh," said Anderson. "But you’ve got to get your point across.”

According to Katy ISD’s board participation policy, decorum is expected. It also addresses what happens if disruption from an individual persists.

“The presiding officer may request assistance from law enforcement officials to have the person removed,” states the policy.

This was not the first time Anderson has been removed from a meeting and it may not be the last as she plans to continue to show up and share concerns.

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