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A porch pirate stole packages from a Texas woman. Here's how she got revenge

When she watched the surveillance video and saw the thief steal her packages, she knew she had to get revenge, even if it was a bit "immature."

PECAN GROVE, Texas — At least one Pecan Grove resident figured out a clever way to fight back after several packages were recently stolen off her porch.

Multiple residents have recently reported their packages stolen, including one who said she set out a package of shirts for some of her customers to pick up last week only to have them stolen by the thief. She didn't want her identity revealed.

"I panicked ... I ran outside and everything that was on my porch was now gone," she said. "It hurt. I cried. I was so upset. I just feel attacked."

After the dust settled, she checked her surveillance video, which showed a person wearing an Amazon vest sorting through her packages and taking what he wanted.

She called the police and also posted the video to social media. That's when she found out that she wasn't the porch pirate's only victim.

"The packages stolen ... gray car was driving by ... stealing everyone's packages," the woman said.

This neighbor was determined to fight back, so she took matters into her own hands.

"I put out some decoy packages of my kids' diapers. I wrapped them up in boxes," she said.

Sure enough, the porch pirate took the bait.

"The very immature side was very happy. I couldn't believe it at first," the Pecan Grove resident said.

On Tuesday night, Sugar Land police said they might have caught a break in the cases. They said that a license plate reader helped them identify a person they believe to be the primary suspect in the thefts.

"He is a strong suspect in the cases we are investigating. He might be good for the rest of the package thefts that occurred in the rest of the county," Sugar Land Police Department Public Information Officer Doug Adolph said.

The suspect was arrested on Highway 90 at Highway 6 for two traffic violations.

"He was driving the vehicle that was identified ... and what was located in the car, we can't share ... that is part of the investigation," Adolph said.

Pecan Grove neighbors hope the police found the right person.

"It's already a hard life. The cost of living is going up. We are all struggling. He is making it harder for all of us," the resident said.

Police said the suspect bonded out on the misdemeanor charges. They didn't release his identity, saying that the investigation was still ongoing.

If he's formally accused of the porch thefts in Pecan Grove, he would be facing felony charges.

Anyone in the area that has had a package stolen and hasn't reported it to police is asked to call them now. Police are also asking people to check surveillance video.

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