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KHOU 11 obtains new documents in case against former HPD officer accused of shooting wife in face

New documents revealed what investigators found at the apartment where Galib Chowdhury is accused of shooting his wife in the face.

HOUSTON — KHOU obtained a series of search warrants in the case of a now-fired Houston police officer accused of shooting his wife in the face and blinding her in one eye.

Galib Chowdhury, 31, is accused of shooting Sadef Iqbal on June 13 in their west Houston apartment on Clay Road.

One search warrant is for the contents of Chowdhury’s cell phone. Investigators said they already have seen angry texts on his wife’s phone, apparently sent from Chowdhury shortly before the shooting.

That same warrant also includes an officer's statement noting "a pile of clothing on the living room floor with hangars still attached, along with a piece of luggage."

Both husband and wife initially said Chowdhury accidentally shot his wife while aiming at an intruder. At first, Iqbal refused to give a statement to HPD officers. But, after her husband was charged, she changed her story saying the shooting was deliberate. Family members said Iqbal was originally frightened to tell the truth because her husband was a police officer.

Meanwhile, detectives searching the apartment seized several items including passports, weapons, ammunition and computers.

Also seized, according to the search warrant, were used syringes and Clenbuterol, a drug not approved for use in the U.S. The drug may be illicitly used by bodybuilders according to the DEA.

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