A Metro bus nearly crashed into a house Wednesday afternoon after the driver was stabbed by a passenger.

Metro Police said bus driver is in the hospital and is expected to recover

Witnesses say the suspect boarded the bus and asked the driver to close his pocket knife. Passengers said the driver refused and the suspect pulled a knife from his back pocket.

"When he said 'no' the dude just started stabbing him, just started stabbing him," said passenger Sephus Smith. "The bus driver was like 'ahhh man.'"

Passengers say the attack continued for several seconds as the driver lost control of the bus sending it into the yard of a home on the 5400 block of South Acres Drive. It came within feet of hitting the house.

"The whole way he’s stabbing him,” said Smith. "It was something wicked crazy to see. I’m still shaken up.”

Witnesses claim the suspect had two knives. The suspect allegedly took off down the street with one of the knives after the stabbing. They say he was eventually arrested after he was tased by police.

Passengers helped the driver off the bus into a grassy area nearby. He eventually lost consciousness, said Smith.

The driver’s injuries included stab wounds to his neck.