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2 drivers charged after motorcyclist killed in San Leon

Investigators said a man involved in a motorcycle accident was laying on the road and run over by a truck. They said the driver took off and was arrested days later.

SAN LEON, Texas — A man involved in a motorcycle accident was laying on the road when he was run over by a truck, according to investigators.

The driver who is accused of running him over left the scene but was arrested days later.

The crash happened Tuesday night in front of The Saloon on Bayshore Drive in San Leon.

John Redfield's family members said he was riding his motorcycle home after watching the sunset.  He was about a mile away from his house when his life ended.

"We know the truck hit him at 7:04:27," Robert Redfield said.

Robert Redfield knows the exact time his uncle's life ended.

"He was headed home about 7 o’clock and as he was passing The Saloon, a car pulled out in front of him and he hit the car," Robert Redfield said.

According to the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office, the woman driving that white car pulled over to help, but moments later, neighbors said a truck went around the white car and hit John while he was on the ground.

"He was still alive ... talking and moving ... and 30 to 45 seconds later, a truck ran over him and never stopped," Robert Redfield said.

The woman driving the white car was arrested at the scene and now faces charges of intoxicated assault with a vehicle.

The driver of the truck was arrested four days later during a traffic stop by Galveston County Sheriff's Office deputies.

Jesse Ray Bales, 48, is now in custody.

John's family said he died just days before his 65th birthday. His family said he died doing what he loved most -- watching a beautiful sunset and riding his bike.

"He was a caring, fun, loving ... good-type of person," Robert Redfield said.

Galveston County Sheriff Henry A. Trochesset said video of the truck that kept going helped lead them to the suspect. Bales' bond was set at $81,000.

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