HOUSTON – Police say one person has died after an angry man drove his car into a crowd of people outside a Montrose bar.

The crime happened early Thursday morning on Grant at Hyde Park.

Witnesses tell KHOU 11 the suspect was attacked during an altercation in a parking lot shortly after the bar closed. Police say the suspect got into a fight with several people in a parking lot.

That’s when the man is accused of getting into his sedan and then deliberately plowing it into a group of people.

Detectives believe the man was not trying to hit people at random but was directly going after the people he fought with earlier.

Delony, Douglas

(Suspect in fatal auto-pedestrian incident in Montrose)

At least four victims were hurt, and two were taken to the hospital where one of them died from their injuries, police said.

The driver was also hurt, possibly during the fight, and he was taken to the hospital in police custody.

A 25-year-old man was dragged several feet and was badly hurt, but a friend says he was an innocent bystander and not part of the earlier fight.

Police have not yet released the identity of the suspect in the case.

Delony, Douglas