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Share your photos and videos through our KHOU 11 app

Use the 'Near Me' feature of our news app to be part of our news team.

HOUSTON — Here's your chance to play the role of reporter and help KHOU 11 make the news!

The "Near Me" feature lets users send in their photos and videos directly inside the KHOU 11 app OR directly from their camera roll..

Spot a gorgeous sunset? Send us a photo! Watching hail pile up in your yard? Shoot a video (safely!) and submit it through the app. 

Maybe you just want to show off a pic of your pet.  Whether you're witnessing a protest rally or attending a surprise 100th birthday party, capture the moment and share it with us!

You can also see all of the interesting happenings captured by your neighbors by checking out the "Near Me" map in the app.


First, make sure you have the most recent version of the KHOU 11 app installed on your device.

Open the KHOU 11 app and tap the "Near Me" button at the bottom of the screen, then look for the orange "Share With Us" button in the upper left.

You can upload up to three photos or one video. You can take an original photo or video, or submit one from your camera roll.

Make sure to include a title for your photo or video (like "St. Cloud Blizzard") and share your name so we know who to credit. Also, include your email and be sure to tag the location where the photo or video was taken.

Hit submit, and once you see "success," your submission is complete!

The KHOU 11 team will review all submissions. Once approved, you'll find them on the "Near Me" app, and sometimes in additional galleries, news articles, and even on KHOU 11 newscasts!

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