HUMBLE, Texas - Bring on the chips and salsa! Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant in Humble just reopened.

Hurricane Harvey made a mess of businesses up and down Highway 59 North near Townsen Boulevard. Monday night, it was the customers who are serving up something special.

“The people that come in here. The people I work with. The community. It’s just amazing,” said Bryan Cruz who’s waited on customers for the last seven years.

The veteran server is a die-hard Oregon Ducks fan. And he has a cult following all his own.

“He’s watched our kids grow up,” David Harvey said. “He’s part of the family. They all are part of the family.”

The family knew Cruz collected rubber ducks. In fact, his fanfare was displayed inside the restaurant. So 12 weeks ago, when Chuy’s flooded, the family of four knew they had to do something.

“Me and my mom came up with a really good idea to email Oregon,” Deanna Harvey said. The 13-year-old girl asked the university to donate some Ducks swag. The admissions officer ended up sending several rubber ducks, shirts and a pair of sneakers.

“Yeah, I was really surprised actually. Really surprised.”