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Why inflation is melting away ice cream truck profits

Rising fuel and food prices are melting away profits.

HOUSTON — Why could inflation kill the ice cream truck?

They are a beloved sign of summer, the ice cream truck rolling down the road playing a cheerful tune that alerts children blocks away that sweet treats have arrived.

According to the New York Times, inflation is taking a big bite out of ice cream truck profits forcing some owners to put the brakes on operations. Now, some are wondering if the future of this time-honored business is in jeopardy.

Although fuel prices are falling, diesel, which fuels most ice cream trucks, is still above $5 nationwide. That’s compared to around $3.30 a year ago.

That’s not the only big price increase. A gallon of vanilla ice cream now costs around $13, while a 25-pound box of sprinkles is around $60, double what it cost a year ago, according to the Times.

Inflation is not the only trend taking a bite out of profits. Changing tastes are taking a toll as well. Garages that used to house just ice cream trucks are now full of food trucks.  

People looking for a convenient sweet treat can now turn to food delivery apps without even walking out the door.

All this adds up to ice cream trucks disappearing faster than a snow cone in summer.

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