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‘The future is faster than you think’ | Texas company breaks new ground with 3D-printed homes

ICON built the first permitted 3D-printed home in 2018. Now it’s working with NASA to put man on Mars.

Brandi Smith

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Published: 3:35 PM CST November 18, 2021
Updated: 7:35 PM CST November 19, 2021

At first glance, the cluster of homes along East 17th Street in Austin blends in with the neighborhood around it. But these houses are built to stand out, stand up and stand firm. 

"We print the entire wall system," explains Jason Ballard, co-owner and CEO of Austin-based ICON

Print -- as in 3D print using concrete and a massive robot.

"What we're replacing with our automation is framing, interior finishing surface, exterior finishing surface," Ballard says. "You don't necessarily even need to paint it. We do plumbing, electrical, or rough-ins are delivered with the wall system."

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