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Tucked on the western end of Buffalo Bayou Park is a serene pond that was once lost, but has since been found and restored.

HOUSTON — Signs all over Buffalo Bayou Park let visitors know about Lost Lake. But what is Lost Lake?

"It is truly a lost lake," said Karen Farber, vice president of external communications for the Buffalo Bayou Partnership.

The lake was lost when the dam that created it failed in the 1970s, pouring its water into Buffalo Bayou.

"It was uncovered again when Buffalo Bayou Park was being constructed," Farber explained. "It was sort of rediscovered and restored into the wonderful pond that it is today."

A new, sturdier dam ensures there’s always a little water in here and a spillway protects it in case there’s too much.

"It’s this serene space within the park, where folks can come and read a book or bring their family and be by the water," said Farber, adding that it's a place where visitors can start, stop or pause their journey through Buffalo Bayou Park. "We’ve made this really a gathering place for the park. There’s parking nearby, people can come and spend time by the lake. There’s seating down by the lake. It’s just this really beautiful sanctuary within Buffalo Bayou Park."

Foodies can also enjoy the view from the restaurant next door. What used to be The Dunlavy is now Flora

"We’re really pleased to have a restaurant open to the public again, so this becomes yet another reason for people to come to this location within the park," Farber said.

You can discover this lake, once lost, now found, just off the intersection of Allen Parkway and Dunlavy Street on the western end of Buffalo Bayou Park.

"It’s a space of meditation within the park," Farber said.

For more information about Lost Lake and the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, click here.

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