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Safety tips: How NOT to deep-fry a turkey this Thanksgiving

We're not saying you shouldn't... but if you are deep-frying a turkey, you need to be careful and follow these simple tips.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Like most things, there are many ways you can prepare a turkey,

The act of deep-frying a turkey could be both dangerous and damaging to you and your home.

The first tip we'll share with you is crucial to avoiding a frying mishap and happens before you even put oil in the pot.

"One of the things I recommend is that you put water in the pot and lower your turkey down in it to make sure that you've got the right amount of liquid so it doesn't overflow," said Huntsville Fire Marshal Dan Wilkerson.

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But what makes overflowing grease so dangerous?

"When [people] put the turkey down in it, the grease overflows, and then when it comes in contact with the flame you have a huge fireball," said Wilkerson.

Another thing to keep in mind is that water and hot grease do not mix. 

"So, make sure that your turkey is completely thawed out and that you dry it off good on the inside and outside of the turkey carcass before you attempt to fry," said Wilkerson.

Obviously, grease levels and turkey dryness matter, but so does location.

"You obviously want to do this outside. Do not ever attempt to fry a turkey on the inside," said Wilkerson.

Although you should take the frying outside, you should also avoid setting up around dry vegetation at all costs. 

It's fall and there's a lot of leaves on the ground, so it's best to push them to the side and keep them away from your flame. 

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