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'Load everyone up on that cranberry sauce' | The Thanksgiving side that's cheaper this year

Some tips to save money this Thanksgiving? Shop early, use coupons and buy store brands.

HOUSTON — The only side dish that isn’t more expensive this Thanksgiving is cranberries. It’s nearly 4% cheaper than last year.

There’s no question that inflation is taking a seat at the Thanksgiving table. Kristin Myers, Editor-In-Chief of www.thebalancemoney.com said that the bird is the most inflated item on the list. Turkey prices have jumped nearly 17% since last year.

“That’s the huge Thanksgiving staple but unfortunately things are more expensive this year so you will be spending a lot more to feed your friends and family,” Myers said.

Pumpkin has jumped 8% and ham is a percentage higher at 9%. If you have corn, prepare to pay 12% extra and those mashed potatoes will be 15% more expensive this year.

As for cranberries, www.thebalancemoney.com said a 12-ounce bag costs on average $2.54. Adjusted for inflation and they’re 3.8% cheaper than last year.

“You really need to make sure to load everyone up on that cranberry sauce because that’s the one thing that’s experienced some deflation in the past year,” she said.

Myers has some suggestions to save money.

She recommends shopping early, using coupons, and buying store brands. Myers said to consider throwing a Thanksgiving potluck. The host makes the meat and delegates the side dishes to the guests.

One last tip from Myers that might surprise you.

“You can actually save a little bit of money by either choosing to go to the store and get something that’s already prepared or even this could be the year that everyone says no one’s cooking we’re actually all going to go out for dinner instead,” she said.

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