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'Within five hours she was gone' | Pet owners believe someone is poisoning dogs in their neighborhood

One owner said someone gave her dog a chicken nugget filled with a green substance that killed him.

CYPRESS, Texas — Neighbors in the Towne Lake community in the Cypress area say their dogs are being poisoned and killed.

KHOU 11 News spoke with neighbors who said at least three of their pets were killed by toxic substances. Some neighbors claim a total of eight may have been poisoned.

One owner said someone gave her dog a chicken nugget filled with a green substance that killed him.

"She was a German Shepherd mix, 9-month-old puppy, pretty typical, eats plays chews on things nothing too crazy," said owner Patricio Rabellino.

Rabellino said the dog started getting sick Wednesday and was rushed to the emergency vet clinic a couple miles away. Once Daisy got there, she had stopped breathing.

"(The veterinarian) cited two toxins, bromethyline and xyletol, which were the cause for her organ failure which led to internal bleeding and within five hours she was gone," Rabellino said.

The owner said he was told by the vet one of those chemicals is found in high levels in rat poison. Rabellino said he does not use rat poison.

"I reached out to my neighbors to see if anyone had seen heard or done anything," Rabellino said. "I started getting replies, some of them had died, some hadn’t.”

One neighbor told KHOU 11 News two of her dogs died after they were poisoned three weeks ago. She took a photo of a chicken nugget she found after one of the dogs vomited. In the center of the nugget is a green substance.

Rabellino said constable deputies were not interested in writing a report because he claims the officer said there was no proof of a poisoning.

Necropsies have not been performed on the dogs that died, and no test was ever performed on that chicken nugget.

Neighbors said this is what has made it difficult getting any of these deaths noticed by authorities.


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