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Bag of puppies tossed out of car along Highway 99

A good Samaritan came to the rescue Thursday after seeing someone throw the puppies onto the side of the road in Cypress.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A bag of helpless puppies was tossed out of a car window like yesterday's trash Thursday in the Cypress area.

Thankfully, someone saw what happened along Mueschke Road south of Highway 99 and called for help. 

Harris County Animal Cruelty investigators took in the cold, starving puppies and they are in foster care. 

The person who dumped the puppies will be charged with animal cruelty if they are found. 

If you witness animal abandonment, please immediately file a cruelty report by calling 832-927-PAWS or visit 927PAWS.org. You’re encouraged to give video and photo documentation if possible.

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