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Diagon Alley in Seattle adding a 'Gringotts' playhouse

The man who built the display in his Ballard driveway needs a little financial help for the expansion of the Harry Potter display.

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The Seattle man who built a replica of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley in his driveway wants to expand the project.

Jon Chambers, a Seattle tech veteran, wrote in a GoFundMe post that he's trying to include a two-story children's playhouse in the likeness of Gringotts bank.

The top of it will feature a dragon by artist Frank Carrillo.

Chambers wrote he needs some financial help to cover the cost of supplies, as well as the dragon that is being made in Los Angeles that will be shipped to Seattle. The GoFundMe for the project has a goal of $3,000. Chambers wrote that he'll be holding a special event for the Diagon Alley Project Dec. 2-3, which is open to the public.

"So I must get to building so this can be done for the event," Chambers wrote.

The finished product will then be auctioned off next April at the Whittier Elementary School PTA auction.

Diagon Alley, located across the street from Whittier Elementary School in Ballard, was built with the help of 50 volunteers and $2,500 of Chambers' own money.