HOUSTON — Everyone needs a gal pal or two, right? But making friends, especially if you’re new to town, can be tough.

Friendship is now only a fingertip away. Hey! Vina is an app new to Houston.

It helped creator Olivia Poole find friends of her own when she moved to San Francisco.

“We’re bringing together women for social experiences to network like friends and use modern dating technology to make it happen today,” said Poole who launched her app in January.

“I’d say we’re best friends,” said 24-year old Kate of her new friend Michelle. “We text each other every day.”

The two matched and met through Hey! Vina back in May.

“And, we hit it off immediately. It was just instant,” said Michelle.

According to the Texas Demographic Center, about 160,000 people moved to Houston between July 2014 and July 2015. According to state statistics, a bulk of them moved from California, Florida and Illinois.

“Houston now feels way more like home because I have people here that I associate home, and love and friendship and fun,” said Michelle.

Hey! Vina works like a dating app. You upload photos, fill out a profile and swipe left if you’re not interested in the match, swipe right if you think you’ve found a friend.

According to Poole, Vina is the Icelandic equivalent of “gal pal” or “amiga.”

“You have nothing to lose and everything to gain,” encouraged Michelle.