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The latest book in the "Cotton Malone" series, "The Last Kingdom" by Steve Berry

Steve Berry chronicles his journey from lawyer to international bestselling thriller author.

HOUSTON — For more information on author Steve Berry, and for a list of all his books, visit his homepage.  

Steve is one of the most celebrated fiction novelists of our time.  He has over 25 million books in print, translated into 41 languages in 52 countries.  In fact, every thirty seconds, one of his novels is sold.

His thrillers featuring the character "Cotton Malone," an ex-Justice Department agent turned freelance operative, have captured the world's attention, and his latest book, "The Last Kingdom" Is a fascinating spy thriller that weaves high-octane action with intricately researched historical "what-ifs?" that could change the world as we know it.

"Steve Berry and his wife, Elizabeth, travel the world both researching and promoting his books. One comment they hear repeatedly concerns the dwindling supply of funds available to preserve our heritage.  So, Steve and Elizabeth launched History Matters to assist communities around the world with restoration and preservation." 

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